Remembering My Baptism

Hi Friend!

In the United Methodist Church, middle school age children can choose to go through a confirmation class to be baptized and to join the United Methodist Church. I went through this interesting journey as a teenager and was baptized during an Easter Sunrise Service around 20 years ago.

I sure wish that my chubby teenager could have seen into the future to stop some of the mistakes of life from happening. I’ve made so many mistakes and fallen so far away from God and came back again than that my young teenage self could even imagine.

Last week, I decided to publicly re-affirm my faith and remember my baptism. Today, on Easter Sunday, I made that re-affirmation by being immersed.

It just seems fitting for all the growth that I have accomplished over the last 7 months and the direction that I see my God taking my life in the future. To God be the Glory!