So the Journey Begins…

Have you ever thought your dreams were too big? Have you stopped dreaming at all? That was me until about two weeks ago.

About 6 months ago, I was so frustrated with social media that I just wanted to delete all my accounts. I knew of a guy that was social media genius so, I signed Cynthia (my wife) and I up for his online coaching group called Adventure Social. We’ve gotten so much more than social media coaching! It’s really about mindset. Through Adventure Social, we were given the opportunity to go on an adventure in Orlando, FL for 3 days. We had to trust people that we had only met online to setup this adventure. All we knew was that we were staying in house with a bunch of strangers in Orlando for some training and some special adventures. We left for Florida and did not even


Adventure Family

have an address for where we were staying that night. We arrived that evening to meet people from all over the US and a couple from the UK. There was various ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, races, and religions. An common thing happened, we bonded within 3 days and these other 25 people are family now. Our major topic for the weekend was Dreams. It was just a life changing and the shot in the arm that I needed to dream again.


My mentor and coach, John-Erik says:

Turn you mess into a message.

The purpose of this blog is to tell my story as great or messy as it may be and to take you on the journey of my life. We will journey together through my health recovery, travel, missions, new hobbies, and whatever happens along the path. It’s my hope that I can provide you with insight and inspiration to follow your dreams.

Until next time,